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Shoe care products

In this collection you find a large assortment of shoe care products for shoes and boots. Most shoe care products are developed to care for a specific material. Since leather is a common material in shoes most products are made for leather care. However there are many different types of leather, e.g. smooth leather, rough leather, suede and nubuck. There are also care products that you can use to clean and care for shoes in textiles, synthetics but also products to care for sneakers and shoes in white leather.

The care process consists of four steps:

  1. Shoe cleaning
  2. Care and Polish
  3. Shoe waterproofing
  4. Refresh

These steps applies most shoes and how you go about it and what products to use depend on the shoe material. In our shoe care guide you can find information about how to care and what product to use for your shoes.

We have divided the shoe care assortment into the following categories to make it easier to find what you need.

Exempels of products you will find in this collection are shoe polish, shoe creams & waxes, shoe waterproofing and shoes cleaning products from renowned brands such as Woly, Springyard, Collonil, Kiwi and ECCO.

We also offers shoe care kits that makes it easier to get all the stuff you need, our shoe care kits and sets our found here.

In addition to the wide range of sheo care products we also have smart shoe accessories such as shoe brushes & polishing cloths, shoe sticks, shoe trees, icegrippers overshoes and more.

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