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Thin flat shoelaces "Stan Smith" (White)

Thin flat laces from cotton works especially well with Adidas Stan Smith Original shoes.

Color: White, width: 6 mm

Available Lengths:
75 cm = 3-5 pairs of eyelets
90 cm = 5-6 pairs of eyelets
120 cm = 7-9 pairs of eyelets
140 cm = 8-11 pairs of eyelets

    Sorry - this product is currently not avaiable for purchase.

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    Average rating 5/5 based on 3 reviews.

    Been in every shop nearby sear hing for length and width of lace to replace existing laces. Order arrived last week. Perfect!!! Thank you🙄

    Great item . . . correct 6mm and length! Thanks Shoe Panda.

    a little bit small
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