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Choose right from our +300 shoe laces

Choose right from our +300 shoe laces

Even if shoelaces are a fairly simple product it can still be difficult to find the right one. Here at we currently stock over 300 models of laces in different designs and lengths and types.

Follow the guide below to find the laces you need.

1.) Getting the lenght right

The length of laces is determined by the number of eyelets in your shoes. However if you are replacing a pair of laces just measue them. If you do not know the lenght of you old laces you can just count the number of eyelets on your shoes. Then use the table below to find the right length.

EyeletsRecommended lenght
1-2 eyelets45 cm
2-4 eyelets80 cm
5-6 eyelets90 cm
6-7 eyelets100 cm
7-9 eyelets120 cm
9-12 eyelets150 cm
11-13 eyelets180 cm
12-14 eyelets200 cm
14-15 eyelets220 cm


2.) What type?

Once you know what length you should have, the next step is to choose the right type. With us you will find the following types;

3.) Style

Once you know what length and type you are going to have, the last step is to choose the look. You may want to match the look of the shoelaces you will replace. Have you got a pair of Timberland boots, for example, we have a pair that matches the original (they will be found here).

We offer a variety of colors and variants with, for example, patterns.

One tip is also buy a optional pair a colorful laces - it's an easy way to get a fresh new look. Check out our range of decorative and colorful shoelaces.

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