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Insoles by season

Here we have divided the range of insoles by season: Winter, Summer, and insoles for year-round use.

The winter insoles are characterized by offering insulation on the underside that protects against cold. The upper layer is often made from a warming material such as wool, flecce or similar. These insoles are usually thin and fit well in most types of shoes.

Summer insoles are straight opposite to the winter models. They are made for maximum breathability and to transport heat and moisture away from the foot on order to provide a cool and dry experience. Summer soles are also available in deo models that provide a pleasant scent - many varieties also have active carbon that counteracts unwanted odors. These soles are often thin and fit well in most types of shoes.

However, most insoles are of a year-round type and usually have other characteristics - sometimes combined with warm or cool properties. Here you will find shoe inserts with support for the arch, heel suppression, toe support and more.

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