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Shoe care guide

Care for your shoes with and they will last longer. Your shoes will also feel more comfortable look better if rewared with proper shoe care.

General advice

  • Make sure to keep your shoes clean from dirt, both inside and out.
  • Use shoe sticks and/or boot jacks when you take step in and out of the shoes.
  • Untie the shoelaces and release the tention, this will help to keep the shape of the shoes.
  • All feet sweat, on average our feet will produce appox. 5 cl per day. For that reason change between 2 pairs of shoe each day so the shoes are allowed to dry between uses.
  • Shoes that have become wet should dry at room temperature. If they are soaked you can stuff them with old newspapers to help dry out faster.
  • Always use socks in your shoes - skin against leather will create odors and abrasions on both the shoes and feet


4 steps of shoe care


Remove all loose and visible dirt. If necessary, wash the shoes with shoe cleaning, soap solution or cleaning foam. Use liquid carefully so you do not wet shoes too much - use a damp cloth or sponge. A good tip is to use a toothbrush for easier access to the stitching around the edge of the sole. Make sure you let the shoes dry before the next step (care). Our assorment of shoe cleaning products can be found here.

Salt Stains

It is important to remove salt stains from the shoes as quickly as possible - otherwise you risk that the salt dries the leather. Salt crystals in addition with gravel from the floor and cause even more damage to your shoes. If your shoes have salt stains or salt streaks, use plain water, preferably with a few drops of lemon juice in it. Start work from the top of the shoe down to the sole. You may need to repeat the this a few times before the stain is dissolved and been removed. Once the stain has been removed, let the shoes dry out in room temperature.


The next step is to refresh and care for the material of your shoe, normally using shoe creams, waxes lotions and so on. How and with what products varies depending of the material(s) - See guides for different shoe materials below. Our assorment of shoe cream, leather lotions and polish can be found here


When your shoes have been cared for we recommend using a waterproofing product to protect your shoes. The dirt will not get caught as easily and the water will pearl on the surface. There are both waterproofing paste and sprays avalible, for shoes in leather, textile or syntectis most waterproofing sprays will work. If you have nubuck, oiled leather there are special products that are better suited available. Our assorment of shoe waterproofing products can be found here.



Shoe material specific guides


Smooth leather

Leather is a living material - just like your own skin. If it is dry it needs to be treated with and if it is dirty it should be washed. Depending on what type of leather it is there are suitble products for each leather type. Below you find our guide on how to care for shoes in smooth leather (most common on dressed shoes & boots).


Remove stains and dirt with a damp cloth. For presistant stains we recommend using cleaning agent like a shoe cleaning foam for shoes. Using a special cloth or sponge in order to clean the shoes will help you get the best results.


Leather shoes should be treated with shoe cream after cleaning. You may use a neutral (transparent) coloured shoe cream or you want to restore the colour using a coloured shoe cream (be sure to match colour before use). Most shoe creams will help restoring the appearance but you may also use a leather lotion in order to moisturize the leather before applying the shoe cream - use this option if the leather appeares dry. Use a shoe brush to apply and buff the shoe cream on the shoe. If you use a coloured shoe cream, remember to use a dedicated brush for that colour to avoid mixing shoe cream colours. Allow the foam to dry for 15 minutes.


The last optional step is to polish the shoes with a shoe polish product- this will give your shoes a high gloss and a protective surface layer. Use a clean shoe brush to buff shoe, you can also use a buffing cloth as a final step to get the best result.


The shoe cream / polish will give your shoe some protection. In order to get a long lasting and even better protection against moisture and dirt we recommended a shoe waterproofing product, there are both waterproofing paste and spray to choose from. A waterproofing spray will give your shoes an invisible and extremely water repellent surface. Most waterproofing products are easy to use, just spray at a distance and allow to dry for 10 minutes. For extra protection repeat the process.

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Our range of fine / smooth leather care products can be found here.

Textiles and synthetics


For shoes in syntetics or textiles we recommend using a foam or shoe cleaning shampoo to get rid of dirt and light stains. You may also use a cleaning bar to brush of stubborn stains from textiles.


If your sneakers have mixed materials, e.g. textile and white leather you can use a shoe cream with white color pigments.


Finally once your shoes are nice and clean we recommend using a waterproofing product to protect them. Apply a thin and even layer of waterproofing spray, allow to dry for 10 minutes and repeat for extra good results. If your shoes have breathing materials like Gore-tex, make sure the waterproofing spray you use are suitable for thease materials.

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Our range of textile care products for skin care can be found here.


Suede and nubuck

Suede shoes have become very popular in recent years. Keep in mind that suede and nubuck are sensitive materials. . When your shoes are cleaned, spray sprayers over the shoe. When outdoor spraying, do not expose to risk of inhalation. In case the mock material needs to be milled, we also have special products for what you find here.


We recommend to use a cleaning bar to remove stains from suede. To remove dirt you may use a damp cloth or suitable shoe cleaning foam.


There are special products that you can use to care for nubuck and suede, you can find them here. Apply the product and allow to dry for 10 minutes. For suede, use a suede brush to rub the surface and restore the look.


Many of the care products for nubuck and suede have waterproofing properties. However we recommend to also spray your shoes with a special waterproofing spray such as Collonil Nubuck + Velours 200ml for extra protection.

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Our assortment of shoe care products for nubuck and suede shoes can be found here.

Rought leather

Rought leather are mostly found on boots and more rugged shoes. It´s a dureble material and quite easy to care for.


If not to dirty you may just wipe your boots with a damp cloth. But to clean the material at depth we recommend using a shoe cleaning product like a cleaning foam or shoe cleaning shampoo.


When the boots have dried from the cleaning the leather should be greased with a suitable wax or thicker shoe cream. A shoe wax also provieds a certain water repellent effect- a wax will also protect the leather without softening it.


The wax have some waterproofing effect but using a waterproofing spray will give you an extra layer of protection. If the sole on the boot is sewn, be sure to also make sure to put wax on the thread. If you plan to use your boots in wet or dirty conditions you need to make sure to give the leather a proper layer of wax or grease first. An old trick is apply a think layer of shoe grease of thick shoe cream, then soak the boots in water. After they are wet you suff them with old newspapers. Then you let them dry out (may take a few days). As the water dry the shoe cream or grease will be sucked into the leather at depth. This will provide a strong dirt and water repelling effect.



Have questions ?

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