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The story behind Shoepanda

My name is Heini and I came up with because I thought it would be both easier and more comfortable to find forestry products. With the help of guides and clear navigation, we want to help our customers find the right product for their needs. Since its inception, the concept has evolved, now we offer a wide range of forestry and footwear. On the website there are over 200 different types of shoe strings in different lengths, colors and materials. You will also find a wide range of nursery products and other products for the shoes.

About the company

Shoepanda started operations in February 2016, since then we have delivered products to 1000s of customers. Our motto is that we want to see and take care of each customer, so always available for questions about our products and how they are used. On the website we also have a news section where we are write about shoe care and related to subjects. In our shoe care guide we describe how to take care of shoes in different materials and suggests which products are suitable.



Heini, founder of SHOEPANDA AB


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