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Shoelaces or shoe strings as they are also called comes in many shapes, colors and lengths- a few examples of lacetypes are round, flat, waxed, slim or thick shoelaces. Shoelaces usually made in cotton but stronger models may use other materials such as polyester.

When you shop for new laces it's common to try and match laces you are replacing. Our mission is to help you find what you are looking for regardless of what kind of laces you may need. That is why we have a broad assortment with over 400 different variants of laces. We also have more unusual lace-models such as laces in leather oval shoelaces.

To make things easier we have divided our product range by lace types, but also according to what type of shoes the laces works best with. For example, we have listed laces that works well for dressed shoes, sneakers or boot laces.

What lenght?

The lenght you need depends on the amount of eyelets in your shoes. If you have your old laces at hand it´s easiest to just measure the their lenght. If not you can use a table that you can find here.

Below you will find our range of laces, you can use the filter feature to find what you're looking for faster.

What type?

For dressed shoes round models in shorter lenghts are more common. On sneakers flat laces are more common and their is a wider range of strong colours. Boots on the other hand goes with both flat and round laces, although the latter is more common. On boots, you usually have a bit of thicker / stronger laces and natural colors are common.

Sports and running shoes have a smaller range of models. These laces are often made from polyester. Some are elastic and there are both round and oval variants.

Note: All laces are sold in pairs.

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